Please God! Let me be swimsuit ready by Summer!!!

OK, so every year I say "When summer comes I'm going to look good in a swimsuit." I never do. I seriously don't even want to wear a one piece. So, if you have been listening to my tips, I'd like to hear some of yours. Thanks!  

I'm now at 159 pounds

Getting ever so close to my goal of 140. Getting ever so close to how I really want to look.  I even got a thigh gap! IDK why, but I've always wanted one. 

Tip Number five six seven eight nine ten eleven

So, I took a mini vacation to the beach. That means I owe you seven tips now that I'm back on. Hmmm.... * Check out the menue of resturaunts before you leave your place *Beer is less calories than soda ( never drink soda) * count each tim you...

Guess What!!!

The coach said I'll be competition ready in six months if I do everything he says. Not only am I going to achieve the body I want, but I am going to achieve the long-term goal I've had ever since I've started. A goal I fight for everyday at CrossFit....