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So, I took a mini vacation to the beach. That means I owe you seven tips now that I'm back on. Hmmm....

* Check out the menue of resturaunts before you leave your place

*Beer is less calories than soda ( never drink soda)

* count each tim you chew. you will get tired of eating

*just because its vacation doesn't mean you can be a pig. Dont make excuses. When your tempted think about how bad you would like to look good in your swimsuit. 

*If you feel faint, or weak do not turn to candy. Apples or another sweet fruit will do the trick

*if possible, eat at the same times everyday

*Drink a glass of water every hour

*keep track of how much you eat. You don't realise just how much your eating untill you see it on paper

*Do some kind of cardio for at least an hour daily nonstop



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  1. cusijaimeflores

    But I eat a lot so ….

    March 24, 2017